Maquillage Lasting Foggy Brow Ex Cartridge Refill 2 Types

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Each time you draw, the powdered loosens and you are able to get smoothly and easily up to the eyebrows. With foggy coloring, it lasts 1 day. Waterproof and smudge evidence from sebum, rubbing and sweat. Thin round center for easy drawing of thin lines. Successful 13 hour finish data was acquired. How you can use: Turn the cartridge cap in the direction of the arrow (Open mark) and eliminate it. After that, turn the holder to the right and also cut out the lead about 1 2mm before usage. Be careful not to put it out there too much due to the gentle core of its. After use, change the center and turn the cap tightly so that there's zero gap. If you don't close it, the center is going to break or get difficult and hard to draw. It's an eyebrow doesn't fall easily, recommend that you use an oily eye makeup remover. When replacing the lead, pull out the cartridge (this item) coming from the holder as well as insert a brand new item.

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