Lip Liner Pencil Crayon N 7 Types

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It's a pencil that's a moderately soft center and is not hard to draw, but hard to fall off and also produces an excellent color. Simply use a pencil on the base of your lip makeup to make a natural, three dimensional, plump lip. The lipstick and gloss on the top will improve. Whether or not the lipstick or gloss drops, the color of the lips doesn't stay and you are able to always have gorgeous mouth. You are able to use it as a matte lip color by painting the entire mouth as well as drawing lip lines. Comes with jojoba seed oil and squalane to keep lips hydrated and soft. no.121 Rouge Pure white with no wisdom. If you put it on the whole mouth of yours, it is going to become a traditional matte lip. no.122 Japon A thoroughly clean crimson which makes dull skin glance transparent with a single coat. It's a color for Japanese people. no.123 Magenta Deep as well as extraordinary magenta color. Be applied to the entire mouth for dramatic lips. no.124 Mauve Pink Blueish grayish rose yellow. Style which does not matter chic or cute. no.125 Coral Pink A usual all purpose yellow. If you put it on the whole lips, it is going to become elegant lips. no.126 Peach Beige Neutral beige that's well-known on the skin. Casual and elegant based on the coordination. no.127 Nudy Beige The fundamental color of natural beauty products. A flexible color that shines beautifully, flat when applied to the entire lip or overlaid with lipstick. How you can use: Align the idea of the lead with the corner of the mouth, lay the pencil, and draw using the whole side of the lead. Move the pencil little by little so as to seal from the outside to the interior, and use color on the whole mouth. This way, the lips are finished with plump mouth area with an all natural three dimensional appearance without making the outline shine. Furthermore, if the whole mouth are colored well and finished with just a pencil, they can be used as matte lip colors. Pack Size - one pc

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