Natural Makeup Remover 140Ml / 4.7 Fl Oz

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The organic makeup remover of ours makes it easy to say see ya to even essentially the most persistent makeup. Carefully formulated to naturally and gently clean the complexion of yours, the makeup remover of ours lets you clear everything off your face... except the smile of yours! How To use: To remove foundation and blush: Pull the hair of yours away from the face of yours, then press a quarter sized amount of makeup remover upon clean hands. Spread over forehead, chin, nose, and your cheeks, making certain to include the hairline of yours. Then, use a damp cotton ball or washcloth to gently wipe the face of yours - the makeup will come right off. To remove eye makeup: Soak a cotton ball or pad. Close the eye of yours, and lightly hold (don't rub!) the pad from the eyelid of yours for aproximatelly thirty seconds. Then, carefully wipe the makeup of yours off switching to casual, downward strokes. Repeat on the opposite eye.

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