Apa Guard Crystal Toothbrush 1 Pc Random Color

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Plaque and color with initial apatite locks to pearly whites. The locks ends are tapered and ion type. A transparent cute handle with the image of a crystal. Arbitrary tone. How you can use: Apply a suitable amount of brushing agent (aproximatelly 1cm) to the toothbrush. Brush it gently aproximatelly twenty times to the left as well as right with one tooth thus the idea of the hair style goes into in between the gums and the teeth where dirt easily collects. Moves in small increments with a width of one to two mm and polishes a single by a single. Rinse with water after department store and use in a well ventilated spot. Don't put on chlorine based disinfectant, warm water or bleach as it may result in deformation or discoloration. Don't make use of for anything other than the intended purpose of its.

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