Beaute Rose Squalane Oil 30Ml

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Higher purity squalane oil refined deep sea shark liver oil. Organic damask from Bulgaria merely with rose oil. It's a luxurious beauty oil you created. Collagen, hyaluronic acid Following as the third hydrating component, squalane is drawing interest. Enoyo Bonchev's fragrant rose oil. Up to the top limit of the mixing ratio highly recommended by IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Added it to the luxury. While wrapped in fragrant fragrance of peace, fully grasp a firm skin with firmness. It penetrates with a comfortable feeling as Sararito thus it is able to not be looked at as a cream. Not only brings moisture. Provide cosmetics for everyday use to sides of the stratum corneum. Artificial perfume, parabens, mineral oil, coloring, no alcohol included. How you can use: one drop after washing face. It just and on usual skincare. Supply the cosmetic ingredients of the makeup of yours to the sides of the stratum corneum. Make the skin hydrated of yours & soft. Elegant rose fragrance restores peace of brain, it works on the epidermis of yours. It's colorless and never sticky, it's a high penetrability and is a smooth sensation of usage. Respond to other skin types from sensitive skin to infants. Only 2 natural options, Squalane and Rose oil. Artificial fragrance, preservatives, mineral oil, coloring, alcohol is not used. There's little oxidation / deterioration, there's no worry of crude oil burn due to uv rays. Cleansing, etc, hair care, massage, packs, you are able to use it in various ways.

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