Deluxe Moisturizing Emulsion 3 Types

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Following Sun Repairing: Skin soothing following sun lotion calms sun exposed skin with skin nourishing botanical extracts combined with gentle moisturizers. Super moisturizing formula quenches epidermis thirst caused by too much sun worshipping or dehydration caused by the ocean and wind. Perfect For: Skin which has been overexposed to the sunshine. Soothing and cooling effects on sunburned skin is provided by the toner. Leaves your skin enhanced, moistened and refreshed. How to use: After showering, towel dry skin and amply a generous amount of product all over skin, paying particular focus on dry plus burnt epidermis. Fresh and enriched: Moisturizing and gentle, easy and refreshing to absorb, rejuvenate skin moisture and prevent skin supple. How to use: After cleansing, take a good level of product, apply evenly on the face, and rub it properly to absorb it better. Pack Size - 150ml

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