Nail Treatment Care Remover 115Ml

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An acetone free remover that takes into account the gentleness to the nails. It quickly drops nail color with lame and etc, overcoated color. Olive virgin oil, including 6 treatment ingredients. You are able to in addition continue hydrating treatment while turning off of the nail color, defending the fingernails and finger fluids. A fragrance of mix fruity which covers the odor of light removal liquid. No coloring, acetone free, paraben free, organic ingredients formulation. Nail Cosmetic Solution containing 6 plant derived therapy ingredients. One good reason why 2 claws and gray vertical wrinkles are created is drying out of nails. A functional nail color remover that additionally serves as a claw heart while it's a light remover. Olive virgin oil with high hydrating power, plant derived therapy ingredients for example olive squalane, liquid shea butter, pomegranate seed oil, baobab seed oil and rosehip oil (caninabara fresh fruit oil) are compounded. Keeping moisture of fingertips and fingernails, keep healthy and beautiful problem. Nail style remover volatilizes, only the treatment ingredients remain on the fingernails. How you can use: Include a suitable amount of cotton, gently adapt to the nail color, then wipe gently. It's acetone free, it is often used for after care of gel nails.

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